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Ano: 2022

Once upon a time, in a small village in Portugal, there were strange occurrences happening. People started experiencing supernatural phenomena, mysterious disappearances, and unexplained events. The villagers were terrified and clueless about what was happening.

A group of friends, Sofia, Manuel, and João, who were fascinated by the occult, decided to investigate the strange happenings. They formed a secret society called "The Seekers of Truth" and dedicated themselves to understanding and unraveling the mysteries surrounding the village.

As they delved deeper into their investigation, the trio discovered that a powerful witch named Lilith was behind all the chaos. Lilith had been awakened from her centuries-long slumber and sought revenge on the villagers for a grave injustice committed against her ancestors.

The Seekers of Truth went on a perilous journey to find ancient artifacts and spells that could help them defeat Lilith. They encountered various supernatural creatures and faced numerous challenges, testing their courage and determination.

In a climactic battle, The Seekers of Truth confronted Lilith, using their newfound knowledge and powerful artifacts. With combined strength and unwavering resolve, they managed to banish Lilith from the village forever, bringing peace and tranquility back to the once-tormented villagers.

Tales from the Occult
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